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The Rabbit Hole – Are We Living in a Dream?

Are we living in a dream world? Deepak Chopra tackles this timeless question so fundamental to our understanding of reality.

Consider how much time out of the day we spend thinking about the past or future. If a dream is what is generated in the mind, distinct from what is ‘actually’ happening, then yes, we live in a dream. How often do we look around and experience the world for what it is?


Come My Sweetheart

Come on sweetheart
let’s adore one another
before there is no more
of you and me

a mirror tells the truth
look at your grim face
brighten up and cast away
your bitter smile

a generous friend
gives life for a friend
let’s rise above this
animalistic behavior
and be kind to one another

spite darkens friendships
why not cast away
malice from our heart

once you think of me
dead and gone
you will make up with me
you will miss me
you may even adore me

why be a worshiper of the dead
think of me as a goner
come and make up now

since you will come
and throw kisses
at my tombstone later
why not give them to me now
this is me
that same person

I may talk too much
but my heart is silence
what else can I do
I am condemned to live this life


Where Everything Is Music…

Don’t worry about saving these songs!
And if one of our instruments breaks,
it doesn’t matter.

We have fallen into the place
where everything is music.

The strumming and the flute notes
rise into the atmosphere,
and even if the whole world’s harp
should burn up, there will still be
hidden instruments playing.

So the candle flickers and goes out.
We have a piece of flint, and a spark.

This singing art is sea foam.
The graceful movements come from a pearl
somewhere on the ocean floor.

Poems reach up like spindrift and the edge
of driftwood along the beach, wanting!

They derive
from a slow and powerful root
that we can’t see.

Stop the words now.
Open the window in the center of your chest,
and let the spirits fly in and out.


Ohio Impromptu

Text from Samuel Beckett

Three Butterflies

The people of this world are like three butterflies in font of a candle flame ~
The first one went closer and said :~
I know about love.
The second one touched the flame lightly with his wings and said :~
I know how love’s fire can burn.
The third one threw himself into the heart of the flame and was consumed. ~
He alone knows what true love is.

– Bab’Aziz The Prince Who Contemplated His Soul

Chemistry of love…

The chemistry of mind is different from the chemistry of love. The mind is careful, suspicious, he advances little by little. He advices “Be careful, protect yourself” Whereas love says “Let yourself, go!” The mind is strong, never fells down, while love hurts itself, fells into ruins. But isn’t it in ruins that we mostly find the treasures? A broken heart hides so many treasures.

Shams Tabrizi

Buddha Quotes Video…