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Tasting Yourself at the Foot of an Apple Tree


I hope you are not going to transform my words into concepts, new concepts that can be stored inside you. I don’t want to give you anything. I only want to dance for you, like the bee. If you see something, you must realize that you yourself have seen it. It is in you, not in my dance. Please go sleep next to a sleeping child. Look at the child. Or go into your yard and sit at the foot of an apple tree. Or go to the kitchen and make yourself a cup of tea. Whatever you do, do it in full attentiveness, in full awareness. Do not lose yourself in forgetfulness. Please don’t think at all about becoming one with the child, the tree, the tea. There is no need to think at all. Taste yourself with the child, taste yourself with the tree, taste yourself with the tea while a smile blossoms on your lips.

Thich Nhat Hanh


The Universe in a Speck of Dust

a speck of dust or as huge as a mountain

The sage enters samadhi,and he or she does not know there is an “outside world” to keep out or an “inside world” to penetrate. The world revels itself, even when the eyes are closed.The world is neither inner nor outer. It is vital and complete in any object of contemplation-the breath, the tip of the nose, a kung-an, or anything else as tiny as a speck of dust or as huge as a mountain. Whatever the object, it is not fragmented from ultimate reality. In fact, it contains the vast totality of reality.

Thich Nhat Hanh



Once you are fully in the present moment, you touch all the wonders of life that are available within you and around you.

Your eyes are wonders of life.
Your heart is a wonder of life.
The blue sky is a wonder of life.
The songs of the birds are wonders of life.
If you are available to life, then life will be available to you.

All the wonders of the Kingdom of God are available to you today, at this very moment.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Freshness & Beauty


Have you been able to preserve your freshness and beauty for yourself and for the other person?

Thich Nhat Hanh

Samskara or Formation

The word “formation” (samskara in Sanskrit) means something that manifests when many conditions come together.

When we look at a flower, we can recognize many of the elements that have come together to make the flower manifest in that form. We know that without the rain there can be no water and the flower cannot manifest. And we see that sunshine is also there.

The earth, the compost, the gardner, time, space and many elements came together to help this flower manifest. The flower doesn’t have a separate existence; its a formation.

Using the word “formation” reminds us that there is no separate core of existence in them. There is only a coming together of many, many conditions for something to manifest.

Thich Nhat Hanh



Whenever the energy of anger comes up, we often want to express it to punish the person whom we believe to be the source of our suffering. This is the habit energy in us. When we suffer, we always blame the other person for having made us suffer. We do not realize that anger is, first of all, our business. We are primarily responsible for our anger, but we believe very naively that if we can say something or do something to punish the other person, we will suffer less. This kind of belief should be uprooted. Because whatever you do or say in a state of anger will only cause more damage in the relationship. Instead, we should try not to do anything or say anything when we are angry.

Thich Nhat Hanh

When you lose a loved one…


When you lose a loved one, you suffer. but if you know how to look deeply, you have a chance to realize that his or her nature is truly the nature of no birth, no death.

There is manifestation and there is the cessation of manifestation in order to have another manifestation.

You have to be very keen and very alert in order to recognize the new manifestation of just one person. But with practice and with effort you can do it.

So, taking the hand of someone who knows the practice, together do walking meditation.

Pay attention to all the leaves, the flowers, the birds and the dewdrops.

If you can stop and look deeply, you will be able to recognize your beloved one manifesting again and again in different forms.

You will again embrace the joy of life.

Thich Nhat Hanh