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Mystery of Love


The man to whom is unveiled the mystery of Love
Exists no longer, but vanishes into Love.

Place before the Sun a burning candle
And watch its brilliance disappear before that blaze.

The candle exists no longer, it is transformed into Light;
There are no more signs of it, it itself becomes sign.



Don’t wish for union!


Don’t wish for union!
There’s a closeness beyond that

Fall in love in such a way
that it frees you from any connecting.

Love is the soul’s light, the taste of morning;
no me, no we, no claim of being

As eyes in silence, tears, face:
love cannot be said.


Come My Sweetheart

Come on sweetheart
let’s adore one another
before there is no more
of you and me

a mirror tells the truth
look at your grim face
brighten up and cast away
your bitter smile

a generous friend
gives life for a friend
let’s rise above this
animalistic behavior
and be kind to one another

spite darkens friendships
why not cast away
malice from our heart

once you think of me
dead and gone
you will make up with me
you will miss me
you may even adore me

why be a worshiper of the dead
think of me as a goner
come and make up now

since you will come
and throw kisses
at my tombstone later
why not give them to me now
this is me
that same person

I may talk too much
but my heart is silence
what else can I do
I am condemned to live this life


Life & Death

look at love
how it tangles
with the one fallen in love

look at spirit
how it fuses with earth
giving it new life

why are you so busy
with this or that or good or bad
pay attention to how things blend

why talk about all
the known and the unknown
see how the unknown merges into the known

why think seperately
of this life and the next
when one is born from the last

look at your heart and tongue
one feels but deaf and dumb
the other speaks in words and signs

look at water and fire
earth and wind
enemies and friends all at once

the wolf and the lamb
the lion and the deer
far away yet together

look at the unity of this
spring and winter
manifested in the equinox

you too must mingle my friends
since the earth and the sky
are mingled just for you and me

be like sugarcane
sweet yet silent
don’t get mixed up with bitter words

my beloved grows
right out of my own heart
how much more union can there be


I remember…

I remember a dawn when my heart
got tied in a lock of your hair.

My soul heard something from your soul
my heart drank from your spring
I drowned and the flood swept me..!


Whatever will be, will be…

The Lover is ever drunk with Love.
He is mad,
she is free.
He sings with delight,
she dances with ecstasy.
…Caught by our own thoughts,
we worry about everything.
But once we get drunk on that Love
whatever will be, will be.


Soul ears

The soul has been given

its own ears to hear

things mind does not understand