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Yamabuki bloomed

Not last night
Not this morning
Yamabuki bloomed



The Garden of my Heart


I am the path
Leading to the sheltered garden
Of thy heart,
O world.
I am the fountain
That feeds thy garden,

O world,
With the tears
Of my experience.

I am the scented flower
That beautifies thy garden,
The honey thereof,
The delight of thy heart.

Destroy thy weeds In thy garden,
O world,
And keep thy heart
Pure and strong,
For there alone I can grow.

Create no barriers
In the garden of thy heart,
O world,
For in limitation
I wither and die.

I have a garden
In my heart,
O world,
Where every flower
Speaketh of thee.

Open the gates
Of the garden of thy heart,
O world,
And let me in.

Without me
There shall be no shade,
Nor the soft breeze
From the cool mountains.

I have a garden in my heart,
O world,
That hath no beginning
And no end,
Where the mighty
Do sit with the poor,
Where the Gods
Do delight with the human.

Open as the vast skies,
Clear as the mountain stream,
Strong as the tree in the wind,
Is my heart.

O world,
Gather thy flowers
In the garden of my heart.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Let Tea


Let Tea
Let tea drink you,
Let tea experience you
Let tea taste you, savor you, ponder you
Sit in tea’s belly, laughing softly
Soak into tea’s leaves and veins
Let your nature meet tea’s nature
Tea will breathe you and sigh,
And you will become something else.

Old Po

Tea Sounds


Pine winds and juniper rains first arrive;
Quickly I lift brass bottle to leave bamboo stove.
Waiting until after voices heard all fall silent;
One bowl of Spring Snow surpasses fine wine.

Luo Da Jing’s Song-dynasty poem Tea Sounds

I am your incense


I am your incense and for a little while will burn at your shrine.
I have kneaded
your passion into my own clay.
When this body smolders, smoke will rise.
This body’s smoke will flicker and will say only this much-
Whatever breezes pass through’ these touch your breath,
I want to become one with those breezes.

Amrita Pritam

In studying ourselves


In studying ourselves
We find the harmony
That is our total existence

We do not make harmony
We do not achieve it
Or gain it

It is there – all the time

Here we are – in the midst
Of this perfect way
And our practice is…

Simply to realize it
And then
To actualize it
In our everyday life…

Taizan Maezumi Roshi

Mystery of Love


The man to whom is unveiled the mystery of Love
Exists no longer, but vanishes into Love.

Place before the Sun a burning candle
And watch its brilliance disappear before that blaze.

The candle exists no longer, it is transformed into Light;
There are no more signs of it, it itself becomes sign.