The Four Gates

1. The ice frog is flying into the sun.

2. The mud bird swims in the water, and returns home.

3. The kapok fish rides the bone of space and sings a spring song.

4. The wooden dog eats steel, shits fire, and runs far away.

One of these four gates has become the Buddha gate. Which one?

There are many ways to attain spiritual experiences. One method is the Zen Koan. These are phrases, stories or questions that have no easy answer. The Zen Koan is an invitation to go on a journey of spiritual discovery.

Take your time and explore. It is an invitation to slow down, breathe, look inward and return to what’s truly important.

Welcome home.


2 responses to “The Four Gates

  1. the mud bird swims in the water and returns home.

    the bird will dissolve into the water. that is mix with the space, become one with it. finally, sink into the bottom, become part of the mud again. go back to it’s home.

    isn’t this is the path of the spiritual ?

  2. Interesting. Thank you. I get confused with gate thinking. It hurts my head and then my mind creates gates when they were already empty, full of Buddhas.

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