Tea enters the room


Tea enters the room
and asks for a seat
drink with me, pray with me
lets get ecstatic together
and be released from our forms.
Tea saiz, I have lived in the forest for
Hundreds of years
And felt the flashing passage of human life
A spark, carried off in the cosmic wind.
There is so much I want to share with you
Nature is all ears, listening, responding, harmonious songs,
But man has only two and it is hard for him to hear outside himself.
Nature made me to talk to you
Sip me, sit in silence with me and I will tell you many secrets
Let me unfold for you the deeper rythums of life
Let me whisper in your heart about the peace that comes from surrender
Listening is the key to drinking tea,
And the key to so much more.
Drink me and and feel the love
Nature has for you.

Olde Po


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