Stars (Tara)

An Ancient saw a star, got Enlightenment.
What can moderns see, get Enlightenment?
Can I also see a star, get Enlightenment?
There are many stars. Which one should I see?

Shining stars, singing stars, dancing stars,
Army Generals’ stars, flags’ stars, cookie stars,
Shooting stars, Stars Wars stars, tree stars, river stars.
I want to see the true star.
Which one is true?

Where do all stars come from?
Where do all stars go?
Time flows by. How can you find them?
If you grab them, they take flight.
If you find them, there is nothing.
In a star is a star.
In THIS star is a star.
The star sees the star.
Stars singing star song.
Stars dancing star dance.

An eminent teacher asked, “What is your star?”
Student facing the ground, imitating a star-search.
Then, clapping hands, laughing, Transmission.
How wonderful it is!
Find a star in the ground, become a great man!

Do you want to pick a shining star?
Do you want to find a ground star?
Stone lion appears from the clouds.
All stars are afraid;
They hide in the tiger’s shadow.

Where is North, South, East, West?
Don’t know Heaven, don’t know earth,
Don’t know road, don’t know house.
Don’t know. Don’t know. Dark. Dark.
Only don’t know.

Cliff… OUCH!…. Dead… Wake up.
Heavenly star shining in the sky.
Two ground stars. Bright Dharma room!

– Seung Sahn


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