Have tea! Wake up!

There is a Zen story. A great master woke up in the morning. He called his chief disciple and said, “Come to me. I had a dream, I will tell it to you. Interpret it.”

If the disciple was a Freud or a Jung or an Adler, he would have been tremendously happy, and he would have immediately started interpreting the dream. But the disciple was a meditator, not a Jung, not a Freud. He said, “You wait. Don’t talk rubbish. I will bring water so you can wash your face.”

He brought a bowl of water. While the master was washing his face, another disciple passed. The master said, “Come here. I had a dream. Would you like to interpret it?”

The disciple looked. He said, “Wait. The tea is ready and I will bring you a cup of tea. Then you will come to your senses!” A dream is not worth even interpretation.

The master was happy. It is said he danced that day. He said, “At least two disciples….” He said, “If you had interpreted my dream, I would have thrown you out of my monastery” – because a dream is nonsense, and then trying to interpret it is even a higher nonsense.

What the disciples did was the best interpretation. The first one brought a bowl of water and said to the old master, “You just wash your face so that you become more awake.”

The other brought tea. “Just drink tea, a little hot tea, and that will bring you back to your senses. You will be more conscious.”

Consciousness is needed, not interpretation. All dreams are the same: there are not good dreams and bad dreams. How can there be good dreams and bad dreams? Both are unreal. In unreality you cannot make a distinction between good and bad. Moral, immoral; sinner, saint – all are dreams. Don’t try to change one dream for another. All are chains. Steel or gold, it doesn’t matter.

Wake up! All the awakened ones are just standing there with bowls of water and a hot cup of tea….


One response to “Have tea! Wake up!

  1. Thanks for the post – now time to go and make tea…

    Be well~

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