Love things

I do not attach great importance to words and thoughts. I attach more importance to things.

I just love the stone and the river and all these things that we see and from which we can learn. I can love a stone, Govinda, and a tree or a piece of bark. These are things and one can love things.

But one cannot love words. Therefore teachings are of no use to me; they have no hardness, no softness,no colors, no corners, no smell, no taste… Perhaps that is what prevents you from finding peace, perhaps there are too many words, for even salvation and virtue, Samsara and Nirvana are only words, Govinda.

Nirvana is not a thing; there is only the word Nirvana…

But the stone, the tree, the river… they are always of the same nature as myself. It is that which makes them so lovable and venerable. That is why I love them…

– “Sidharta”


2 responses to “Love things

  1. I am a writer and yet I embrace the deep wisdom here.

    I know that someday I will cease writing and simply be- at one with all- the woods, the mountains, the sky, the river.


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