Temple for drinking tea

In Zen there is no God. In Zen there is only you and your consciousness.

A cup of tea is the most ordinary thing, but they make in every monastery a special temple for drinking tea, surrounded by beautiful trees, ponds… a small temple. You enter into the temple, taking your shoes off, and Zen believes, “Where you leave your shoes, leave yourself too.”

In the tea house, the tea temple, nobody
talks. Only silence deepens. Everybody sits in the Zen meditative posture. The samovar is preparing the hot water for the tea, and the sound of the samovar has to be listened to as carefully as you have listened to your master. It does not matter what you are listening to, what matters is how you are listening.

Listening to the samovar…

Nobody speaks. Everybody starts sipping the tea, tasting as totally as possible, being in the moment as intensely as possible, as if the whole world has disappeared. Only the tea is there; you are there — and the silence.



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