We say “this mind is empty,” but it is not empty.

You can see the sky. There is daytime sky and nighttime sky—sky is sky, O.K.? But the daytime sky is blue, the nighttime sky is dark? Why? The sky is the same. Your mind is dark, so it is dark. Your mind is blue, so it is blue. Why is the nighttime sky dark? Why is the daytime sky blue?

Already you have graduated from primary school, so you un
derstand everything. It is the same sky. Right now the American sky is dark, the Korean sky is blue. Why? What then is the original sky? Who made this dark, who made that blue? You made it.

So you must push “C,” — don’t know. Then there is no dark, no blue. This is very important. Do you understand?

– Seung Sahn


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