God ? God is not God. You make God. God is a name. Mountain, river, house, car—all these are names, all of them are made by your thinking. When you are thinking, all minds are different. When you are not thinking, your mind, my mind, all people’s minds are the same. The mind that is not thinking is empty mind.

Empty mind is before thinking. Before thinking, there is no speech, no word. So there is no God, no Buddha, no mountain, no river, nothing at all. So everything is made by thinking.

Things don’t say, “My name is Mountain,” “My name is River,” My name is God.” The original mountain, original river, original God have no name or form.

Life, death, happiness, suffering, God—all these are made by your thinking. Zen is understanding this truth. When you understand yourself, you and the universe become one.

Seung Sahn


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  1. Excellent. I’m really happy I red this…

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