Sitting silently, and the grass grows by itself…

You listen to me saying,

“Sitting silently, and the grass grows by itself.”

It feels good, that if you can sit silently, and the grass can grow by itself, what more can you desire? But then suddenly you are overtaken by fear: “If the gr
ass does not grow by itself, then? Who knows whether the grass grows by itself or not?”

In your life you have been doing everything. You have been taught from your childhood, “Do it! Go for it! Put your whole energy into it!” And I am asking something just the opposite. Please don’t do it! Doing is going to be your undoing! Just rest, relax. Don’t even bother whether the grass is growing or not. Forget all about grass! Your responsibility is to relax, so you can be a pure mirror. And you know perfectly well everything goes on moving, there is no need to push.

How did you become a young man from your childhood? Were your parents pulling you, one by the legs, another by the hands, to make you a young man? You would have been in the grave by now. But they allowed the grass to grow itself, although they poisoned the mind of the grass, telling you that in life you have to struggle for everything. Just to survive you have to fight, compete. It is from that conditioning that the other idea arises in you.
Yes, the grass grows by itself, but not the gold. So please, understand the meaning of grass. Perhaps you want to sit silently, doing nothing, while the gold grows into mountains by itself, and the dollars go on falling from all sides over you. Who then bothers about grass?

The man who wrote these lines, a mystic of Japan, Basho, was not interested in dollars, was not interested in gold, was not interested in the presidentship of the country. These things don’t grow by themselves, remember. These things, you have to go for — and to go with as much speed as possible, because many others are also going. Be cunning, be deceptive, lie as much as you can, promise things which cannot be fulfilled. Do everything that is wrong, only then do you become Ronald Reagan. The White House does not come closer by itself, you have to go for it!

That’s why the word “running” is used when somebody is standing for the presidency. He is running for president. Walking won’t do.



One response to “Sitting silently, and the grass grows by itself…

  1. Great article (or whatever it is). Really smart comparisons and word games… I really love it

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