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Living in the Mountains

Neither seeking fame
nor grieving my poverty
I hide deep in the mountain
far from worldly dust.

Year ending
cold sky
who will befriend me?

Plum blossom on a new branch
wrapped in moonlight

– Jakushitsu



Since the moon is full tonight,
let us call upon the stars in prayer.
The power of concentration,
seen through the bright, one-pointed mind,
is shaking the universe.

All living beings are present tonight
to witness the ocean of fear
flooding the Earth.

Upon the sound of the midnight bell,
everyone in the ten directions joins hands
and enters the meditation on Mahakaruna.

Compassion springs from the heart,
as pure, refreshing water,
healing the wounds of life.

From the highest peak of the Mind Mountain,
the blessed water streams down,
penetrating rice fields and orange groves.

The poisonous snake drinks
a drop of this nectar
from the tip of a blade of grass,
and the poison on its tongue vanishes.

Mara’s arrow’s
are transformed
into fragrant flowers.

The wondrous action of the healing water–
a mysterious transformation!
A child now holds the snake in her innocent arms.

Leaves are still green in the ancient garden.
The shimmering sunlight smiles on the snow,
and the sacred spring still flows toward the East.

On Avalokita’s willow branch,
or in my heart,
the healing water is the same.

Tonight all weapons
fall at our feet
and turn to dust.

One flower,
two flowers,
millions of little flowers
appear in the green fields.

The gate of deliverance opens
with a smile on the lips
of my innocent child.

– Thich Nhat Hanh

The Autumn Moon

The moon appears in every season, it is true,
But surely it’s best in fall.
In autumn, mountains loom and water runs clear.
A brilliant disk floats across the infinite sky,
And there is no sense of light and darkness,
For everything is permeated with its presence.
The boundless sky above, the autumn chill on my face.
I take my precious staff and wander about the hills.
Not a speck of the world’s dust anywhere,
Just the brilliant beams of moonlight.
I hope others, too, are gazing on this moon tonight,
And that it’s illuminating all kinds of people.
Autumn after autumn, the moonlight comes and goes;
Human beings will gaze upon it for eternity.
The sermons of Buddha, the preaching of Eno,
Surely occurred under the same kind of moon.
I contemplate the moon through the night,
As the stream settles, and white dew descends.
Which wayfarer will bask in the moonlight longest?
Whose home will drink up the most moonbeams?

– Ryokan

You have a habit to walk slowly…

You have a habit to walk slowly
holding grudges and resentments,
ill tempered and greedy,
how do you expect to reach your destination?

With a closed mind and so many attachments,
how can you expect to attain union?

You are still like water stuck in the mud
when will you cleanse yourself?

Being so weak, you need all the help
and the grace of God, if you are to overcome
the storms and reach the shore to safety.

Take shelter only with those who need no shelter.

Only riding the wild horse of love
you can reach beyond the sun and the moon
and behold the Perfect One.

– Rumi

this love — O Bulleh — tormenting, unique

this love — O Bulleh — tormenting, unique
the face of the idol akin to the divine in heaven
can there be divinity without my beloved
even if I have to contest the scriptures
this love is fearless, marches to death in defiance
dances and whirls like a street prostitute,
to win a single smile from the beloved

– Bulleh Shah

Without a trace

In an age when the Tao is followed,
no one rewards the talented
or pays special attention
to the lovely,
the virtuous,
or the wise.

Those who govern are simply
the highest branches on the tree,
and the people wander in freedom,
like deer in the woods.

They are honest but think nothing of it,
they naturally do what is right,
they are kind without any conception of kindness,
and are trustworthy though they wouldn’t know what that means.
They keep no records of their good deeds,
because good deeds are so common.

That is why all their actions have vanished,
without a trace.

– Stephen Mitchell

A lover doesn’t figure the odds…

A lover doesn’t figure the odds.
He figures he came clean from God as a gift without a reason,
and so he gives without cause or calculation or limit.

A conventionally religious person behaves a certain way to achieve salvation.
A lover gambles everything – the self, the circle around the zero.
He or she cuts and throws it all away.
This is beyond any religion.

Lovers do not require from God any proof or any text.
Nor do they knock on the door to make sure this is the right street.
They run and they run.

– Rumi