At this time of change,
as old turns into new
we must consider our place
in the wider scheme of things.
Many may feel that time
is passing them by all too fast
and leaving them behind
but this is not the case.
What each experiences
is around the basis of a central point –
time may seem slow for some,
fast for others and yet
it passes at the same speed for all.
those who feel that time is slow
are trying to live their path
at a faster rate than intended –
those who say that time moves too quickly
are living their lives at a slower rate.
All is correct for each lives their life
at the pace they are comfortable with –
the pace that is fitting at that time.
That is why such discrepancies occur –
as our pace of life changes
on our individual pathways,
so the feeling of time
quickening or slowing will occur.
Yet all things occur at the time
that they are supposed to –
all things happen within the realms
of someone’s own pathway,
choices and destiny.
time does not speed up or slow down
and yet it adjusts
to provide rhythm to our existence,
to prevent complacency,
but equally to prevent undue haste.
Our time is measured by the pace
that is set long before
we reach our physical existence
for it is the pace
at which we must live our lives –
for some it will appear as a slow stroll;
for others a faster,
livelier pace.
For each it will be set to the right pace
and it is our task to see that
we journey our pathways
at the proper pace for our own journey.
We are not left behind
or streets ahead of the rest;
we are as we should be at this time,
at the place we need to be at this time.

Buddhist Quote


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