The obstacle is the path ♥

It isn’t about one answer to any one question, its the study of several answers to the same question.
As the proverb says ” the obstacle is the path” if you think for a bit about it, you will see that you can apply that to many different areas of your life.

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought ‘Why me?’ ‘This always happens to me!’ That you were the only person on this earth that a particular obstacle was placed in your path to create pain only to you and no other person? But did you also know that each obstacle encountered is subject to change, for as we perceive the problem today, that same problem will not be the same problem tomorrow? Obstacles that were huge and insurmountable today will, with time and thought, become not so big tomorrow. It is an amazing fact that we really can “move mountains” when we have the desire to.

Whatever terrible thing is happening right now, remember “This too shall pass” and as with everything, there is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel. Time marches on and you along with it and the meaning we place on the obstacle will determine how we react to each new obstacle that comes our way. It’s not a test, as most would think, but it does provide you with the ability to learn from whatever the obstacle may be and encourages you to develop your skills in problem solving.

We all live on the same earth but our individual ‘universe’ is different and what something means to me may not mean the same to you. Take for example, when you have a disagreement with your partner or siblings or even your parents, you both feel strongly about your point of view but each is unable to see the others point because each person has placed their own meaning to the situation. Each obstacle we face in life is just another path to our learning. We have to learn in order to move forward and if these obstacles are a constant thing in our life then we need to re-evaluate the life we are living. What could we do differently? Rather, ‘What have I learned from this and what is the meaning I have placed on this right now?’

Our mind is a unique and marvelous thing, we just have to learn how to use it! We have the ability to imagine incredible things, and solving the problems of whatever obstacle comes our way is one of the amazing qualities we have at our disposal within our own mind.

Concentrate on the success you wish to be yours and amazing things will be revealed to you in the most fantastic way. Obstacles become a challenge and set your mind to wanting to learn new things. Keep learning and growing and you will begin to love the process of accepting the challenges to moving those obstacles. Life is abundant in everything you need so get out and live it and love it and share it with everyone you can!

Remember to smell the flowers, see the butterflies, listen to the sounds of nature, touch someones heart and taste life!


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